Catalog Secrets

Hello penguins! This is the page where I give you all of the catalog secrets, news on club penguin, etc.

The secrets to the furniture catalog are:

Click the Cash Register for the Moose Head


Click the Upright Piano for the Pipe Organ


Click the Home Stereo for Concert Lights


Click the stem of the Ficus Plant for the Mullet.


The secrets to the clothing catalog are:

Click the pin on the White Admiral Jacket for the Green Snorkel


Click the Russian hat for the Red Viking Helm


Close and open the Red Viking Helm 4 times for the Blue Viking helm


F.I.S.H. Secrets:

Click on the words ‘viking helmet’ on page two and a message appears that says how to get the blue viking helmet.

Click on the antenna of the spy phone onpage nine anda message appears that says ‘the spy phone beeps you are cool in morse code’.

Click on the empty sign in the o tick-tack-toe board on page thirteen and a message appears that says that that is the head of the spies signature.

Go back to page 11 now, and click the head of the spies signature. A message should appear saying ‘paper clips are useful’.

There’s also a puffle catalog secret:

Click on the word “new” that’s next to the yellow puffle house and the grey puffle house will come up.


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