This is a page all about my penguin, jshushij.

Hello Penguins! As you should know, my penguins name is jshushij. I mainly log in to Mukluk, Canada, but sometimes I also log in to Mammoth and Parka, U.S.A. or Frozen and Mittens. I go on club penguin almost every day. If you find me, say something about my website and I’lll buddy you, unless my buddy list is full in which I’m sorry. I constantly change outfits when new catalogs come out. I also made www.youtube.com/jshushij, www.freewebs.com/jshushij, and I am a member of www.icetube.ning.com. I am a member of Club Penguin and I buy everything from every catalog. The parties that I host are usually in Mukluk, Canada in my igloo (it will be open) and everywhere around town. My igloo also constantly changes to fit my a holiday, to use new items, or just for fun. Right now, I’m making another site called http://www.jshushij1030.wordpress.com with my friend. It has Club Penguin, as well as other things like sports. My friend’s name is Brandon1030 on Club Penguin so if you see him, be sure to buddy him! Also, please check out http://www.jshushij1030.wordpress.com!


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