March 1, 2008

Sorry penguins! I know that I haven’t posted for awhile, but now I am back. Thank you for your patience and I hope that you enjoy my site!


Construction At The Iceburg

February 9, 2008

 There is construction going on at the iceburg for the Save the Migrator project. The free item is the hard helmet.

 constructionhelmet_return  Wouldyouliketo…

The play is a mascot tryout for team blue.


There’s also three new postcards.

bemybuydy.png sadsd.png skihill.png

Clothing Catalog

February 4, 2008

Hello Penguins!

Today, a new clothing catalog and pin came out. 🙂 Also Rockhopper left. 😦

But, if you look in the telescope you can see Rockhopper rowing back to Rockhopper Island! There’s also a save the Migrator project at the beach.


The pin is in the Lighthouse. Its a rowboat.


Check the Catalog Secrets page for the clothing catalog secrets.

Rockhopper’s Back

February 4, 2008

Hello Penguins!

Rockhopper’s back after his horrible ship wreck at the beach with life vests just in case. They’re not exactly treasure, but they sure are fun. Here’s some pics:

Rockhopper’s Back

January 27, 2008

Hello Penguins!

Rockhopper’s back at the beach with a life vest.Please help him out after all that hes been through. Also, Rockhopper sightings have gone up tremendously, so keep your eye out for him!

Winter Fiesta-val

January 19, 2008

Hello Penguins!

The winter fiesta-val started! The free item is the festive maracas in the nightclub.


The pin is located in the forest inside the pinata (swing your mouse over it a few times).


If your a member, go to your igloo and check out the new furniture catalog. It has a sled, snowman, pinata, fan, lamp, and a superheros stage poster. Be sure to check the catalog secrets page for the catalog secrets.

Be sure to check out the rooms because they’re decked out in decorations.


Rockhopper Crashed and Newspaper

January 17, 2008

If you look in the telescope at the beacon, you’d see that Rockhopper crashed! Remember that small iceburg floating through the telescope? Well, it sunk the Migrator! Luckily Rockhopper and Yarr escaped on a rowboat. Click the link below to see what happened.

Click me 

Here’s some pics:

rhcrashes.png rowboat.png

Also a new newspaper came out.

Click me for the paper!

It has a code for secret agents at the top of the ask aunt arctic page. Here’s what it says:

penguincode.png penguincode2.png

The newspaper also said something about the Winter Festi-val starting tomorrow! The other things coming out tomorrow are a pin and furniture catalog. I will post tomorrow.

New Igloo Storage Upgrade

January 14, 2008

Hello Penguins!

Today, the new igloo storage upgrade came! I must say that it is much cleaner than the older one. For members with alot of items, this new upgrade is perfect for you.

New Play Production

January 11, 2008

Hello Penguins!
Today, a new play came out. Its called Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal. Its a superhero show. Its my personal favorite so far. The costume trunk has pink and blue superhero costumes and a squidzoid suit. Also, the heart emote came back today. If you go to, billybob entered a sneak peak for mission 6.

The First Friday of 2008!

January 4, 2008

Hello penguins!

It’s the first Friday of 2008!

Well, today a new wig catalog, clothing catalog, and CLUB PENGUIN’S 50th PIN!

The pin is located in the boiler room. It’s a shovel.

Be sure to check the catalog secrets page for the catalog secrets!

New Year’s Celebration

December 29, 2007

For new year’s this year, club penguin put fireworks in the skies of the iceburg and ski mountain. They also put a mysterious, small piece of ice floating through the telescope at the beacon. I wonder…

Christmas Scarf

December 25, 2007

Hello Penguins!

Today, the super-rare christmas scarf came back in the ski village!

I can’t believe that club penguin wuld revive such a rare item that had only come out during the christmas party of 2005!

Christmas Party!

December 23, 2007

Hello penguins! The christmas party came out on Friday and it’s great! Almost all of the rooms are filled with holiday decorations. It’s a great party so be sure to check it out!

The free items are:

The reindeer antlers (plaza)

The santa hat (old item) (forest)

Also, the wreath pin is on the top floor of the ski lodge.

Coins For Change, Igloo Contest, Igloo Catalog, Furniture Catalog, and New Play Production

December 14, 2007

Ok here we go:

 The coins for chgange booths are in the beach and plaza. Donate to get a card and pick up the bells next to the booths.

Check the catalog secrets page for the catalogs.

There’s also a new play production! It’s called the twelfth fish and its a three and one-half production.

Remember to decorate your igloo for the igloo contest with a 10,000 coin reward!

edit: This just in! If you have under 500 coins, but donate that much you keep your money and get the card!

New Emotes

December 12, 2007

Also, there are new emotes. Here they are:

ew=pink icecream

eq=brown icecream

eb=light bulb



eh=slanted mouth

Hello world!

December 9, 2007

This is my first post! Welcome to my new club penguin site! Enjoy!